Great coffee only happens with great partners. That’s why our roastery is best-in-class, run by seasoned experts. Our search for amazing beans and blends led us in all kinds of directions, but only one roastery had what we were looking for - obsessive care and attention at every stage.

First, fine green coffee comes from small batch farmers, who get the right price for their beans. Fair is one thing, but the farmers who grow our coffee get the price that they really deserve for the fantastic work they do. Their love and commitment is the first step in our coffee’s journey.

Next, each variety is roasted to an exact specification. Consistency is everything. Too long or not long enough in the roaster, and the full potential of the bean is lost. Small experiments turn into full sized batches, which all add up to the perfect roast for each kind of coffee. Blends are created, and varieties are carefully matched with each other to produce harmony and consistency. Great roasting requires a great nose, a good eye, and even a keen ear, listening for cracking and singing of the beans as they roast. Finally, every batch is tasted against strict measures of quality.

World-class quality graders smell and sip, ensuring all the right notes are present. When they’re satisfied, and only when they’re satisfied, the roasted coffee begins the final part of its journey. It’s finally ready to be brewed and poured by our baristas, with precision and love.






Flat White





Cold Brew
(8 hour, slow dripped,
ice cold speciality coffee)

Iced Espresso

Iced Latte

Iced Mocha

Iced Black


Ristretto with just a little silky milk.
Small but powerful

Black Toade
Equal parts espresso and hot milk with added
chocolate goodness.
Copious whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles

La Lune
Espresso pulled over ice, with a little vanilla syrup,
then full cream poured ever-so-slowly over the top.
Inspired by the Italian affogato

Opus Magnum
Espresso cut with the same amount of hot milk, topped with
an additional ristretto shot. Our greatest worK